Customers and Partners

71 Customers and Partners Relationship

Change the knowledge and point of view about customers: All staffs of HCG have to conceive that customers and partners are not only in external but also in internal. Who ask for services is customer, who coordinate to complete any task is partner. We treat them with

– The politeness in all situations

– The satisfaction from all services

We aware of “each one of our staffs is a representation of Company”. With the expression of dressing suitable and communicating wisely, we’re proud of being company’s representative . In speaking, we use formal language with all sincerely, minimum the misunserstanding.

– Always have warm attitude, modest, whole-heart in serving. If customers or partners have any concern, we will try our best to explain them throughfully.

– HCG’s staffs already help all customers and parner in advantage. We abolish all action of draw back from negative behavior.

– To ensure the perspicuousness, we strickly prohibited receiving any complimentary from customers and partners (including gift, money, service,…)

– We are also prohibited from using reputation for individual purpose, harming on image of HCG.

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– Telecommunication


– Banking



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Transmission lines and antennas


– Green energy solutions


– Generator & accessories